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Official page of

Tyrone King

Candidate for Fort Worth

City Council District 8


Tyrone is a Fort Worth native who has spent the majority of his life here, because as he says, “there’s no place like Ft. Worth.”  He loves the idea of “being able to go fishing in the morning, the museum in the afternoon, and a jazz club at night, all in the middle of the 12th largest city in the nation.” 


As a youth, Tyrone learned the importance of teamwork while playing Pop Warner Football and Little League Baseball.  A product of FWISD, he graduated from O.D. Wyatt High School before earning an Associate Degree from TCJC and a Bachelor Degree from The University of Texas At Arlington.


Tyrone has owned/operated a small business in Ft. Worth for over 25 years and knows the importance of small businesses in the overall economy.  Additionally, he’s been active in the DFW Arts community for over 20 years, spending more than a decade involved in a successful youth mentoring program by using a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) based initiative. 


Tyrone decided to run for the City Council because our city is divided, hurting, and a growing segment of our youth are at risk. He didn’t hear a clear concise message from our city leaders on how we begin the process of HEALING and moving forward as a united Ft. Worth. Tyrone’s platform of HEALING Fort Worth includes a plan that begins the process of bringing our city together so that Ft. Worth truly becomes an all-inclusive city.



Tuesdays with Tyrone

Tuesdays With Tyrone is a weekly series featuring Tyrone King, Candidate for Fort Worth City Council District 8. Tyrone discusses his platform of Healing Fort Worth.


Among the issues he explores are Racial, Economic, Police, and Community Reforms. Find out who Tyrone King is, why he’s running for City Council and his platform for Healing Fort Worth.


Tyrone King the Man

Who is Tyrone King and why is he running?


Tyrone King the Candidate

What is Tyrone's vision and why is he qualified?

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